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All the News that Isn't
Fair Winds Farm 
December  2002 - Its been a fairly quite year on the farm with no major projects being addressed.  The Hamiltons or working on building a reserve in order to put in a solar power system sometime in the future, so most of this year has been spent in sweat equity around small projects to improve the facility.
     Among the specific things accomplished have been the fencing of the lower pastures, planting grass, weeding, planting grass, weeding, fertilizing, weeding, etc.  One of the reasons that so much weeding is required is that the whole property is now on an automatic watering system.  This required laying about an additional 600 feet of irrigation lines, about 500 feet of electrical control lines, and the installation of a  controller to manage everything.  With Hayden's newly developed plumbing and electrical skills, the worst part of this project was all the trenching that had to be done for the water and electrical lines.
     The whole property has now been "dog proofed", basically meaning that the Hamiltons' dogs can not get out as easily as before.  This required painting about 1000 feet of 3-rail fencing and then installing rabbit wire on the fence so that the dogs can't get through but the rabbits can (they can slip underneath because of the gap between the ground and the bottom of the wire mesh fence.


Hayden and FileNET Part Company
November, 2002  -  Just days short of Hayden's fourth anniversary at FileNET, the company went through a major reorganization.  As is so true in today's environment, the project that Hayden had been working on for the past two years was essentially terminated and with it Hayden's position.  This situation was precipitated by FileNET's decision to no longer directly pursue software applications and to revert to their traditional business of  being an infrastructure software tools provider.  This decision did not come as a surprise to Hayden, as he had been anticipating this action for about four or five months.  It was only a question of when and not if.
     The reality is that this move by FileNET has been viewed by Hayden as a positive situation, as he had come to believe that his personal interest and direction were incompatible with the direction FileNET was going.  The re-organization merely accelerated his search for a new opportunity that he had been quietly pursuing for several months [See Document Sciences below]

Elaine and the Navy Continue Relationship
November, 2002 - Same song different version.  Elaine remains employed by the Navy at the Naval Hospital Balboa.  With her experience, MBA, MS in Nursing, experience on the North County Heath Services Board, and a genuine need for professional growth, Elaine has been thinking about a career change.  The net result is that Elaine is dusting off the old resume, updating it to reflect all her recent accomplishments and working on where and how to shop it out.

Handyman Hayden
All year, 2002  -  Did you know that one of anagrams that you can make from "Hayden Hamilton"  is "The Handy Oilman"?  One of the things that Hayden has really come to appreciate since moving to the ranchita is a much better understanding of the life of a farmer.  He has always been relatively capable with his hands at doing odd jobs.  This has now been elevated and he is getting better with each new experience - be that carpentry, electrical, mechanical, plumbing or general fix it.  He has also become relatively adept that tossing hay and picking up manure.  FACTOID:  Did you know that the there are over a 1000 different varieties of weeds. And that they all grow in the Fair Winds Farm pastures, but to the dismay of the Hamiltons!

Hamilton's Go RVing
June, 2002 - The Hamiltons decided to get away from the farm for a little bit and after studying their options, decided that they would try RVing.  The rented the biggest motor home they could find from Cruise America, packed it up, loaded the dogs and headed north with Mazda in tow.  The first thing they learned is that RV people all have little bitty dogs - about the size of a rabbit, which is what Ranger loves to chase.
     The Hamilton's headed up to the California Gold Country (east and south of Sacramento) where Hayden was able to visit a couple of  Airplane Museums and several operating steam trains.  The results of these can be found on the fotoimages Web site.  Elaine managed to do some antiquing, but mostly enjoyed being away from the rush of things and catching up on her reading.  
     In all, it was a nice trip with the opportunity to see some new country.  RVing for the Hamilton's doesn't work out to be much cheaper than staying in a hotel, though having the kitchen and frig right there handy while traveling is a big plus.

Odds and Ends
On a sad note, Schroeder passed away just before Thanksgiving.  His presence will be immensely missed by both Hayden and Elaine.  Elaine, in particular, because of the very special relationship that the two of them had.  He brought nine years of pleasure and fun to Elaine and schooled her how to be an excellent and sensitive rider without ever being nasty about it.
      Ranger and Shadow continue their antics, keeping Elaine and Hayden on their toes.  Ranger's love is burying towels or polo wraps in the back yard.  Of course he only buries clean ones.
 Shadow is now nine and is rapidly becoming an "Old Lady" - she basically just does her on thing.  Both love the early morning and evening property inspection walks they take with Hayden and get really out of sort when they don't get to go on them.
     Lenny's schooling is coming along nicely.  He tries really hard to please and get frustrated when he can't quite figure out what he is suppose to do.  But, once he gets it, you can see the little light bulb go off and his attitude is one of "Oh, is that all you wanted me to do?  That's a piece of cake."
     Health wise, Hayden and Elaine are doing reasonably well for middle age.  Outside of skinned knuckles, strained muscles, and the random bruises they pick up around the barn and horses, they are managing to stay in fairly good shape.  AND LOTS of SORE MUSCLES!!!!

North County Health Services Chairman of the Board
April, 2002 - Elaine survived her first year as Chairman of the Board with such distinction that the board re-elected her to the position for another year.  She continues to be responsible for heading up the review and approval of strategic plans for the Service and is a member of the executive compensation review committee.  North County Health Services provides out-patient medical care for low income and indigent residents in north San Diego County.  The Service operates six clinics and has an annual budget of around $24 million.

Hayden Joins Document Sciences
December 2002  -  After a brief vacation spent job searching, Hayden joined Document Sciences Corporation (DOCX) as the Director of Applications Marketing located in Carlsbad, CA.  They are just a mere 30 minutes from the farm, saving Hayden about an hour and 20 minutes of commuting a day.  Hayden is heading up a new group within the organization which is responsible for taking DSC's products into targeted vertical marketing.   The initial one will be Insurance, with Financial Services and Government being candidates for late 2003 or early 2004.
     Document Sciences is the leading provider in content automation.  They specialize is assembling final documents such as loan agreements or insurance declarations, where these documents are composed of pre-existing and approved components.  The components are assembled based on rules determined by the specifics of the agreement.

October 2002  -  Hayden continues to volunteer to help the American Aviation Historical Society with their web presence.  The web content has been expanded and this year saw the launch of the members only section.
     Visitation to the site has been steadily increasing and the site has become a significant contributor to new membership.

     If you have an interest in aviation history, check out their website and consider joining.  They are located on the web at:


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