SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EDITION                                                                                                             2000
All the News that Isn't
  • Fair Winds Farm Opens
  • Hayden Marks 3rd Year at FileNET
  • Elaine - Navy Continue Relationship
  • Handyman Hayden
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  • COB fo North County Health Services
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  • Fair Winds Farm 
    December  2001 - Lots of changes down on the old farm this year, with huge amounts of sweat equity being expended.  Among the significant additions this year have been getting the well drilled and an early Christmas present for Elaine -  a nice big horse trailer to haul critters around in.
          While the website has a nice satellite photo of the ranchita, here is an aerial photo taken in September (not by Hayden).  You can see the well tank (5000 gal) hiding behind the lattice fence top center of the photo [click image for enlargement]. We drilled all the way down to 700 feet.  First water was at 485 and gradually increased until around 540 producing about 22 gal/min.  Not the geyser that the Hamiltons were hoping for, but the water is good and with the tank everything is working out okay.  The pump was placed at 580 feet.   Though the well is located almost as far 
    as possible from the utility service, the benefit is that there is now electrical power all over the farm.
           The Farm is down to only four horses at this time, two of our own (Schroeder and Lenny) and two boarders.  That's fine with Hayden because he tucks everyone in at night and early last year learned that eleven horses can take a lot of tucking.
    Hayden Completes Third Year at FileNET
    November, 2001  -  Hayden completed his third year at FileNET as Director of Applications Marketing group.  He moved to this group this past January from the Product Marketing team and is quiet excited about this new position.
         FileNET has traditionally been a major supplier of computer software infrastructure technology for document management.  One of the challenges facing the company is moving its business toward that of being an application supplier.  As such, Hayden's current position puts him right in the middle of what's happening.  This has been both an interesting and challenging assignment.  Interesting because Hayden is one of the key team members mapping strategy and direction in this new venture.  Challenging because of the company's large employee base that doesn't recognize or feel the need to change.  While it has been a frustrating year from this perspective, this business segment will generate around $8M for the year can can identify roughly another $12M in software and services revenue traditional products sold along with the applications.

    Elaine and the Navy Continue Relationship
    November, 2001 - Same song different version.  Elaine remains employed by the Navy at the Naval Hospital Balboa, though this 12 year relationship may be coming to an end.  With her experience, MBA, MS in Nursing, experience on the North County Heath Services Board, and a genuine need for professional growth, Elaiine has been thinking about a career change.  The net result is that Elaine is dusting off the old resume, updating it to reflect all her recent accomplishments and working on where and how to shop it out.
    Handyman Hayden
    All year, 2001  -  Did you know that one of anagrams that you can make from "Hayden Hamilton"  is "The Handy Oilman"?  One of the things that Hayden has really come to appreciate since moving to the ranchita is a much better understanding of the life of a farmer.  He has always been relatively capable with his hands at doing odd jobs.  This has now been elevated and he is getting better with each new experience - be that carpentry, electrical, mechanical, plumbing or general fix it.  He has also become relatively adept that tossing hay and picking up manure.  FACTOID:  Did you know that the horse is the only animal on earth that can turn 100 pounds of hay in to 300 pounds of manure?  Hayden knows this for a fact!!!
    Odds and Ends
    On a sad note, Freeway finally passed on early this year.  The old guy ran a great race but Father Time finally caught up with him after 17 seasons of fun and frolic.  He went peacefully, but Hayden and Elaine will really miss old Mr. Reliable.
         On a brighter note, Ranger continues to entertain with his own unique personality, which  includes taking almost everything he can pick up (shoes, shirts, pillows, stuffed animals, towels, clothes, etc.) out into the back yard.  Elaine and Hayden have had to place all the throw pillows in the house high out of reach.  Ranger does have one blue one that has become his own special pillow.  He carries it everywhere and it is not uncommon for him to bring it into a room where they are working and drop the pillow and lie down with his head on it.  Crack's Elaine and Hayden up every time he does this.
         Shadow continues to do her thing (shadow Hayden), though she has taken to bossing Ranger around even though at 120 pounds he's twice her size.
         Schroeder is approaching 22 early next year and is emmencely enjoying retirement.  He's pretty much decided he owns the place and it is not uncommon for Elaine to just let him out of his stall to wander around.  Schroeder will just mosey around, checking everyone and everything out, testing the grass here and there and eventually just put himself back up.
         Lenny is back in service after a tendon injury and Elaine has been riding him (after a 9 month layup).  He's a fast learner and doesn't seem to have forgotten much of his initial training even though it was only for a couple of months.
         Health wise, Hayden and Elaine are doing reasonably well for middle age.  Outside of skinned knuckles, strained muscles, and the random bruises they pick up around the barn and horses, they are managing to stay in fairly good shape.  AND LOTS of SORE MUSCLES!!!!
    North County Health Servies Chairman of the Board
    April, 2001 - After several years serving on the Board of Directors for the North County Health Service, Elaine was elected to the Chairman of Board of Directors.  In this capacity, she is responsible for heading up the review and approval of strategic plans for the Service and is a member of the executive compensation review committee.  North County Health Services provides out-patient medical care for low income and indigent residents in north San Diego County.  The Service operates six clinics and has an annual budget of around $22 million.
    October 2001  -  Hayden continues to volunteered to help the American Aviation Historical Society with their web presence.  The society's headquarters are just down the road from FileNET and Hayden thought it would be a great idea to help out in his spare (?) time.  They  launched in October of last year and are averaging about 1800 visitors per month to the site. Hayden continues to expand and update the site.
         If you have an interest in aviation history, check out their website and consider joining.  They are located on the web at: