SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EDITION                                                                                                             1999
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  • Hamilton's on the Move
    Carlsbad, CA  -  After fifteen years in the same location, Hayden was finally able to convince Elaine that maybe we should consider looking for a place where we could keep all the children under one roof.  What really sold her on the idea, though was the promise of being able to spend a lot more time with the Schroeder with the side benefit of having someone (Hayden) around to "help with the chores".
          They started looking in earnest last Christmas and were quickly able to identify a target area to search (They couldn't afford choices one and two).
     They were really lucky in finding a Realtor that would work with their quirky whims.  They picked Donna Moore of Prudential Realty out of  a local homes book and it turned out that they couldn't have found a better agent if they had tried.  Under Donna's guidance, the Hamiltons began looking for that dream place.  After all was said and done, they ended up buying one of the first places Donna had asked them to look at.  When they first looked at it, it appeared to be two separate properties and had discounted one because the house was too close to the barn and the other because there didn't appear to be a barn.  Donna finally straightened them out about three months later as they were getting ready to put an offer in on another place.
         On their first visit to the property, Elaine was out of the car and into the backyard of the house (picture above) and was looking out at the pastures and barns by the time the rest of the party caught up.  Before anyone said a thing, she turned to Hayden and said, "I want this one!"  They did go ahead and walk through the house and the rest of the property.  This occurred on a Saturday and that night Elaine was asking Hayden questions like how many bedrooms were there?  Or, what did the kitchen look like?  Was there a fireplace in the master bedroom?  She couldn't remember a single detail about the house, but the mare hotel had eight stalls and there were 10 in the barn with a big hay barn!  And, was it possible to go back and look at the house tomorrow?
         To make a long story short, they closed on the property on May 7th, moved in on July 4 (after sleeping on the floor a couple of nights), Schroeder joined them (with his buddy Lenny) in the middle of November.  For those of you interested, clicking this URL www.hamiltonfamily.org/Ranch.html  will take you to a page that has a number of pictures of the property, including a satellite image of it [If you follow the URL listed, you can probably even find a satellite image of your own home].

    Hayden Marks First Year at FileNET

    Costa Mesa, CA - After a year at FileNET, Hayden has become known locally as Mr. WorkFlo-aholic.  This probably stems more from he fact that he is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager for WorkFlo, more than his working habits. 
         Workflow for the uninitiated is computer software that will facilitate the automation and management of business processes.  On the good news side, FileNET is the leading supplier of this type of technology.  On the downside, most people that could benefit from it are still trying to figure out what business processes actually makes their companies run, much less getting around to automating it. 
         During the course of this year, Hayden had the opportunity of traveling to various locations on Company business.  These included New York, Atlanta (where he was able to have dinner with his brother Berry and his wife and her daughter, Toronto, Denver, Kirkland, WA (FileNETs other development center), and Dubai, UEA.  This trip to Dubai was Hayden's first to the Middle East.  Even though it was October, the evening temperatures were never much below 75 degrees and the mid-day was probably in the high 80's.  It was much like going home to the Rio Grande Valley (in Texas) in the middle of its summer - high temperatures, high humidity.  Hate to think what its like in their summer.
         As we move into the end of this year, Hayden is working on a major product launch for one of his workflow products, and planning the end-of-life for the other - doesn't want to be bothered with having to manage more than one product!

    Elaine's Contributions Recognized by Navy

    San Diego, CA - Elaine is in her twelfth year at Naval Hospital San Diego, and continues to perform her duties in exemplary fashion.  This year, she received a Letter of Commendation from the Admiral in charge for a number of her contributions.  These included setting up a telephone triage service and a restructuring of the appointment scheduling that have led to increased "customer" satisfaction and improved efficiency within the Well Child Clinic that she oversees.
         After 12 years, though, she is beginning to think about testing the job market to she what she is really worth.  With an MSN, MBA, her teaching, clinic management and business experience the prospects appear to be quite good.  Though she would find leaving the friends she has made at the Naval Hospital, as an independent contractor she recognizes that she should sell her talents to the highest bidder (so to speak).  Elaine has not made a final descision on this topic, but wants to consider all her options as she enters the next round of contract negotiation with the Navy.

    Schroeder Gives Everyone a Scare

    Poway, CA - In mid August, Elaine's trainer called her at work and informed her that Schroeder wasn't doing well.  A quick call to the vet and visit from her diagnosed "gas colic", but just in case a transport to the veterinary clinic.  Several hours latter, Schroeder was still not doing well.  By now, Elaine had caught up with them, and a quick consultation decided on another transport to the San Luis Rey Veterinary Clinic in Bonsall.  It was closer to home and we had more confidence in their surgeons.
         Almost immediately on arrival, Schroeder was rushed in to surgery.  He was one sick "puppy" requiring the resection of about four feet of intestine.  Schroeder came through this like a champ, though Elaine was still a little shaky,  having spent many a night pampering her friend.
         On the plus side of this, the Hamiltons made a number of nice friends and contacts in the North San Diego horse world.  Bobbie Shirly is one of these.  Schroeder spent most of this post-operative recovery at her place in De Luz (just north of Fallbrook on the east side of Camp Pendleton).  Bobbie has become a great friend to Elaine.  As the Hamiltons are comptemplating opening a small horse boarding operations this coming year,  these friends and contacts will be invaluable for helping them find business.
         Schroeder is now fully recovered from his experience.  He's back to his normal habits (good and bad) and the experience has not effected his appetite on bit.  We brought him home to Bonsall in early November and he settled right in like this had always been where he lived.  He came home with a buddy.  Lenny is a two and half year old Dutch Warmblood that is almost as big as Schroeder and had never been away from mom.  Needless to say, Hayden and Elaine have had their hands full trying to figure out how to teach this colt the basics - like how to get a halter and blanket on him, how to get him to be led without walking where you are, etc.  Great fun!  Luckily, he's a fast learner and as long as Schroeder is close by, he is quite manageable.

    Bonsall, CA - Hayden's FotoImages Web site (www.fotoimages.com) continues to grow, in spite of the fact that he has had preciously little time over the last year to do much photography.  During the preceding twelve months ending with this past November, over 85,000 visitors came to the site.  That represents an average of over 7,000 per month.  During this same period, the FotoImages site registered just over two million page hits.  The trend line continues to grow, even though little has been done to promote or expand the site during the past year.
         Plans for 2000 call for some significant expansion of the aviation section of the web site.  This includes adding several databases targeted at aviation history researchers.  Right now, Hayden is designing some dynamic query pages that will work off US, Britain, France and German civil aircraft registries, as well as investigating the area of US and British military aircraft serial numbers.  In order to provide these extensive databases, Hayden is considering a nominal annual subscription service to defray the expense of maintaining the information.

    FOR SELL - Beautifully appointed 2222 sqf home in great location in Carlsbad,CA.   4BR, 2.5BT, fireplace, custom lap pool with spa, 3 car garage and nice yard. Cedar lined closets, hardwood and tile upgrades.  Owner's desperate!  Make Offer! 

    WANTED - 2 ton pickup truck, large (3 horse) slant load horse trailer, farm tractor with all its attachments.  Also, anything relating to horse operations - muck buckets, water buckets, fencing, grass, hay, feed and grain, etc.  Lots of time to use all the same.  If it runs or rolls its good enough!

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